Monday, May 11, 2009

Fundraising book fair for Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

A book fair will be held in the Ngaio Town Hall at 10.30am on Saturday 27 June as a fundraiser for the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation in Hanoi, Vietnam. Ngaio writer Iona McNaughton, who visited Blue Dragon in January, is organising the fair. Some of you may know former Wellington teacher Alison Kember (wife of the New Zealand Ambassador in Hanoi), who teaches English as a volunteer at Blue Dragon.

Iona hopes to raise at least $2000 to help Blue Dragon in its work to support kids in crisis in Vietnam and provide education and training.

Here's how you can help:

1/ Please donate any unwanted books, DVDs or CDs to this really worthwhile cause. Just save the books, DVDs or CDs in the meantime until a week before the book fair - when hopefully, you can deliver them to Iona's house. Even better, you could deliver them to the Ngaio Town Hall before 9am on the day of the fair. Email or call Iona if you have some books to donate. If necessary, she can pick up the books.

2/ Please spread the information in this blurb to your email networks.

3/ Offers of help in setting up the book fair and/or helping to sell the books (8am to about 1.30pm on Saturday 27 June) gratefully received. It's lots of fun on the day and if you help, you get first pick to buy the books.

4/ Come to the book fair and buy some books. There will be some great bargains.

Iona's contact details:

51 Crofton Rd


T: 04 970 5591 M: 021 799 059

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