Saturday, November 20, 2010

Captivating your audience - the report from Club Night 3

Another great evening at the Library Bar began with Holly extolling the value of Toastmasters, and how it can help you become a better presenter. (More details here if you are interested:

We then talked about what makes a good school visit – or a bad one!

How do you introduce yourself? What happens if the kids misbehave, and the teacher takes no notice?
What is the ideal number and length of sessions? How do you run a workshop? These were just some of the questions covered as we discussed the best way to captivate everyone from New Entrants to bored 14 year olds. We even got tips on how to handle the staffroom situation!

Lastly, we heard from Elizabeth Craker from CORE who talked to us about Booktalks: how it is
developing, and what plans are ahead. (

This was an entertaining and incredibly useful evening for anyone who does school visits, or talks in public about their work. Thanks especially to Fifi, Maureen, Fleur and Ruth for sharing their expertise and a few helpful hints on useful activities. And none of us will ever forget Fifi’s story of the welcoming powhiri that went wrong!

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