Monday, March 18, 2013

Fundraising book fair

A book fair will be held in the Ngaio Town Hall from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday 13th April, as a fundraiser for the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation in Hanoi, Vietnam. All proceeds will be donated to Blue Dragon to support its work in providing education and training for kids in crisis in Vietnam. Trustees of the Blue Dragon Children’s Trust (NZ) are organising the fair.
There are several ways you can help:
  • Donate any unwanted books, DVDs or CDs. If possible, please contact a trustee and arrange to deliver the donations to a trustee’s house. If necessary, one of us can pick up the books.
  • Please tell friends, neighbours and work colleagues about the call for book donations and the date of the book fair.
  • Contact one of the trustees if you would like to help set up the fair on Friday night, 12th April, or help on the day.
  • Come to the book fair and buy some books, DVDs or CDS. As always, there will be some great bargains.

 If you’re interested in donating to this worthy cause, send us an email ( and we'll forward the relevant contact details.

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