Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Sapling

Happy New Year everyone, and here is an update about The Sapling, which many of you will already know about. (If you didn't catch it in the weekend, listen to this interview with Sarah on Standing Room Only.) 

We are Sarah Forster and Jane Arthur, and we love reading and talking about children's books, and we think that there is more to them than the conversation we are given in the main media. We think they deserve equal time, energy and passion as books for adults. 

So we have started The Sapling, an online magazine that will launch in March. We have some funding from Creative NZ to pay our contributors, but in order to commission several articles a week (mixing essays, reviews, interviews and creative crafts), we are also running a crowd-funding campaign, which we intend to do through Boosted

We would like to ask you to be our partners in promoting this campaign via your newsletter, social media and any other forum you can think of! We have some fabulous articles already coming through, and your promotion will make a massive difference in the size of audience we can reach with both the campaign and the website once it is launched.

We are on Twitter and Facebook, and we will be launching the website in the first week of March. 

If you would like a graphic, press release and promotional link sent to you once it is prepared, please let us know - it would be great also to have an idea of how you are able to promote it. The campaign is scheduled to launch on 24 January. 

We will gladly acknowledge you on our campaign page as soon as it launches, as our first supporters.

kind regards,

Sarah Forster and Jane Arthur
Founding Editors